My Retired Doctor Can Offer a Helping Hand with Document Management When a Practice Closes

has been working since to assist doctors that are venturing into retirement with their document management services. Here is how can help: Storing Records There are certain files that need to be kept intact long after you are gone. One example of this is your patients’ medical records. These files need to be accessible to […]

Is it Time to Go Green?

As the world population continues to grow, the human footprint on earth continues to grow. Have you been looking for a way to reduce your environmental impact, while also improving your practice? One way to do this is by converting your paper documents into a digital database. You may think this has only one benefit […]

Having Your Finances in Order Before Retirement

Making the decision to retire is something that many individuals grapple with. Some waiver on whether they are actually in a financial position that ensures a happy, healthy life after they close up their medical practice. There are several rules of thumb and things to consider before retirement, including the three tips below. 80% Income […]

What My Retired Doctor Can Do For You

If you’re looking to retire there are many things that you need to take into consideration. Beyond informing your patients, staff, vendors, and associations that you are retiring and closing up shop, there is also the aspect of patient records. Over the length of your illustrious career, you’ve compiled quite the collection of medical records […]

What Preparation Do You Need to Retire?

Making the decision to retire is not easy. Though it is a day that most people dream of from the day they enter the workforce, actually getting yourself to that point can prove tricky. There are obstacles to hurdle and tough decisions to navigate through. In order to retire, you have to not only have […]

Tips for Enjoying a Happy Retirement

Retirement is a huge step to take and there are often many unknowns. Sure, not being forced to get out of bed every morning at a set time is certainly a nice thought, but there is more to retirement than just freedom. Here are a few tips to stay engaged and happy during retirement… Stay […]

Want to Spend More Time With Your Grandchildren This Summer?

We know it’s coming – summer break. What serves as the most exciting time of the year for children – besides perhaps Christmas – can be a very stressful time for parents. Although there is the allure of family road trips, after dinner walks to the ice cream truck parked down the streets, and even […]

Are you HIPAA Compliant with Medical Record Retention and Removal?

Medical records are extremely sensitive documents, which is why medical facilities, insurance providers, medical billing companies, etc. are required to adhere to the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Staying HIPAA compliant is extremely important for medical facilities and they aim to protect the sensitive information that medical records hold. It is important to know how to stay […]

Save the Environment – Go Digital!

We all know that the world is becoming increasingly environmentally friendly. Focus has shifted so that not all emphasis is on maximizing profits. Businesses are also turning to take into the impact of their operations on the environment. With the standard medical record being pages and pages thick, it’s easy to see how you can […]

5 Signs That You’re Actually Ready to Retire

Deciding whether or not to retire and close up your practice is no easy task. Here are five signs that show that you’re actually ready to take that step: You are emotionally ready to retire. Retirement is something that you need to be ready to cope with. It’s realizing that your alarm clock is whenever […]