Do You Have a Document Management Plan in Place for Retirement?

Are you contemplating retirement? If so, as a physician with your own medical practice, you have more work to do than the standard corporate office worker than just needs to provide HR a few months’ notice of their impending retirement.  There are patients to inform, employees to assist in finding new work, and the contents […]

Planning to Retire in 2019? Make Sure Your Finances Are in Order!

Is 2019 the year that you’re going to retire? If so, there are several things to keep in mind, especially regarding your finances. You know the work that awaits with closing your medical practice, but are you prepared financially for retirement in 2019? Keep reading to make sure your finances are in order! Know Your […]

Start 2019 Off Right by Adding My Retired Doctor to Your Retirement Team

It’s 2019 and if your New Year’s resolution was to retire and close your medical practice, it’s time to start getting serious out it. You might think it’s too early in the year to really worry about it, but in reality, closing a medical practice is an involved process that takes time and careful planning. […]

Is Closing Your Medical Practice and Retiring Your New Year’s Resolution for 2019?

2019 is just days away and that means it’s time to put some serious thought into just what you want your New Year’s resolution to be. Are you thinking that 2019 is the year to get healthier or perhaps to take that trip you’ve always wanted to? Maybe you’re thinking of getting a new house […]

Why Do I Need An Outside Document Management Provider To Help Me Close My Medical Practice?

Closing your medical practice and retiring is extremely exciting, but it does not come without a bit of frustration and some hassle. Take document management for example…what are you expected to do with all of those old medical records? You can’t simply throw them out. In fact, there are strict guidelines when it comes to […]

My Retired Doctor Can Help With Document Management During the Busy Holidays

The holiday season is nearly upon us and that means it’s time to prepare for madness. If you’re already going through the process of retiring and closing your medical practice, you’ve got even more craziness to deal with, especially when it comes to document management. Thankfully, My Retired Doctor is here to help! We offer […]

Be Thankful for My Retired Doctor When You Need Help Closing Your Medical Practice and Retiring – We’re Also Thankful for You!

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re thankful for. At My Retired Doctor, we’re thankful for the amazing customers that allow us to find success year after year. We’re glad to be able to successfully provide services to retiring physicians looking to close their medical practice. For […]

Closing Your Medical Practice and Retiring is Scary, But You Don’t Have to Be Scared with My Retired Doctor on Your Team!

With Halloween right around the corner, you’re probably sick and tired of being frightened. One can only take so many haunted houses and scary movie marathons before your nerves start to fray. Then, add in the prospect of decorating for Halloween and buying enough candy to keep the trick or treaters at bay for an […]

Are You Ready to Retire in Regards to Finances?

Have you started thinking about closing your medical practice and retiring? If so, it’s important to take a step back and review your finances. You need to ensure that you’re in the right place financially to start the process of closing your practice and retiring. Here are a few tips to help you make sure […]

Thinking of Closing Your Medical Practice? Here’s Your To Do List.

Are you thinking about retiring and closing your medical practice? Unlike regular 9 to 5 office jobs that simply require a talk with HR and cleaning out personal items from a desk, retiring physicians who are closing their medical practice face a long to do list. Not only do you have to worry about the […]