My Retired Doctor is a specialized division of Datafied that focuses on helping doctors with their transition to retirement. For over 20 years, Datafied has been a leading record retrieval and data management company. Over the years, we have worked with more than 400,000 doctors and have created strong working relationships with many of them. While working closely with these doctors, we recognized that there was an opportunity to expand our services to cater more towards the doctors themselves.

One area that seemed to be consistently problematic for doctors was the process of retiring and closing up their practices. When physicians are preparing to retire, there are many regulations that must be met and steps that must be taken in order for the process to be completed properly. We decided to help doctors by coming up with solutions that aid them with this difficult process.

My Retired Doctor has successfully helped numerous different physicians with their retirement since our inception. We strive to provide doctors with any type of help that they may need in their transition to retirement. My Retired Doctor is committed to reducing the time, cost, and stress associated with retirement for doctors. Retirement is a reward for years of hard work and we believe that this transition in life doesn’t need to be difficult for physicians. We look forward to working with and assisting doctors with their retirement for many years to come.