The benefits of on demand medical record retrieval

Traditionally patient medical records are hand written and filed away. The advances in computer technologies can make this process efficient, but many medical practices still use paper to document patient medical information. This method of patient information documentation remains a very efficient process, but the accumulated patient information can be overwhelming when your practice grows. […]

Why is selecting the right company to shred patient medical data important?

With the number of companies advertising services to shred or destroy sensitive information, selecting the right company can save you money, time, and most importantly that the information you hand over is handle securely before destroying. As a retiring physician, the last thing on your mind is to have a company mishandle your patient health […]

Partner With My Retired

Are you a physician looking to retire? Are you now starting to worry about how you will be able to handle all of your document needs after you retire? Partner with us and let us worry for you! You should start looking for ways to enjoy your retirement. Spend your time planning your travels, family […]

Scanning and Record Conversion Service

If you’re a physician and getting ready to retire, then there’s a lot on your mind. You are probably thinking about where to retire, what to do with your time once you retire, and you need to do before you retire. If you’re a physician and own your own practice, then something you’re probably worried […]

Storing Medical Records

Physicians are highly regarded in the community as professional medical experts. As a doctor for so many years, you have practiced the art of healing and saving lives. You know by heart how drugs work and how to conduct a physical exam. But now you’re getting ready to retire and closing your clinic down. You […]

Appropriate Medical Document Shredding

As a retiring physician, the last thing you should worry about is proper disposal of the medical records and documents of patients. The information contained in the medical documents is usually private and sensitive data on patients. If the information falls in the wrong hands can cause potential confidentiality breaches and even identity theft. Identify […]

Let My Retired Doctor Help You With Your Retirement

You’ve spent your entire career working to care for patients as a doctor and now you’re getting ready to retire. You’re looking forward to spending time with your family and friends. You even already have a trip out of the country planned. Unfortunately, if you are on track to closing your medical practice and retire, […]

Go Digital To Save The Environment

Does global warming worry you? Are you someone who doesn’t use straws? If you’re one who loves to recycle and always looking for ways to go green, then consider going digital to help protect the environment. Nowadays, there are more and more emphasis on different ways to save the planet. Even though many people may […]

When and why physicians retire

The average age of retirement is usually around 65 years of age for physicians, but the average age of retirement for the general population is about 63 years old. There are multiple reasons why doctors tend to work a few years longer than the public. There are many factors that need to be considered before […]

From Physician to Patient

Physicians take care of patients as their profession for mostly all their lives. However, once they retire from their work, they no longer take care of patients. They become patients themselves and this transition may pose some difficulties. Let’s take a closer look at some of the challenges physicians encounter as they retire and review […]