Be Thankful for My Retired Doctor When You Need Help Closing Your Medical Practice and Retiring – We’re Also Thankful for You!

Be Thankful for My Retired Doctor When You Need Help Closing Your Medical Practice and Retiring – We’re Also Thankful for You!

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re thankful for. At My Retired Doctor, we’re thankful for the amazing customers that allow us to find success year after year. We’re glad to be able to successfully provide services to retiring physicians looking to close their medical practice.

For those who don’t know what My Retired Doctor has to offer, keep reading! After trying us out, you’ll know why so many customers are thankful for the services we provide!

What is My Retired Doctor and how can they help me?

My Retired Doctor is a company that offers assistance with document management to retiring physicians. When you retire, there are many things to address and how you will manage documents is one of them. My Retired Doctor offers scanning, shredding, and storage services to retiring physicians.  In addition, we can also serve as your Release of Information provider to ensure that your patients will have access to their records even after you’ve retired.

Does document management really matter once I’m retired?

Yes! There are actually laws and regulations in place that dictate how long you must keep medical records for patients. These vary by state, but failure to adhere to these can mean serious consequences. This is the last thing you want to worry about while you’re trying to enjoy retirement. Thankfully, My Retired Doctor is here to assist so you can focus on what really matters—enjoying retirement!

Who is behind My Retired Doctor?

My Retired Doctor is a division of Datafied. For over 25 years, Datafied has been providing document retrieval and management services throughout the country. Over time, Datafied has expanded to different divisions that offer value-added services to many medical-oriented companies and health plan providers.

As far as the actual team working hard behind the scenes for you, My Retired Doctor hires only the best! Our dedicated and professional staff will work hard to ensure that you’re satisfied with all services provided. Sit back, relax, and let My Retired Doctor take care of your documents!

Are you ready to retire with the help of My Retired Doctor?

So, are you ready to retire? It’s a big decision to make, but if you’re ready to take that leap, My Retired Doctor can help. Our document management services include shredding, scanning, and storage and whatever your needs are, we can accommodate. Document management is something that needs to be seriously considered, but it can be a complicated process. Instead of putting your time and energy there, focus on the people side of your business—the patients, employees, vendors, etc.—and let My Retired Doctor take care of the document side of things. To learn more or get started, contact us today at 877-328-2343 or! We’ll be happy to help you take the next step towards retirement.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at My Retired Doctor!