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Benefits of Digital Medical Record Conversion

Benefits of Digital Medical Record Conversion

Are you considering converting your old paper medical records into digital medical records? This sounds like a great idea—and it is!—but the cost might be deterring you. However, it is important to know that there are many benefits to digital medical records. Not sure whether or not you should digitize medical records? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of digital medical record conversion and how My Retired Doctor can help!

Improved Patient Care

Your patients deserve the best care possible and digital medical records make that possible. That is because you can get quick access to patient medical records to provide more coordinated and efficient care. You can also see real-time information on medical information and clinical alerts, in addition to access to performance-improving tools. These also interface with labs, registries, and other EHRs so you can provide the best, most informative care.

Better Practice Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Another benefit of digital medical record conversion is better practice efficiencies and cost savings. With digital medical records, you will have reduced transcription costs, reduced chart pull and storage fees, improved documentation, and even automated coding abilities. Plus, you will reduce medical errors that can reduce malpractice claims that cost you and your practice exponentially. It also cuts down on the time currently dedicate to medical record management, which makes your practice much more efficient.

Easier Access to Medical Records

When converting medical records to digital versions, you also make it easier to access medical records. This is important if your practice is currently in operation, but is equally important if you are planning to retire. With digital medical records, you can provide easier access and reduce the Release of Information costs after you have retired and closed your medical practice.

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