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Benefits of EHRs

Benefits of EHRs

When you implement an EHR at your facility, it isn’t just you that benefits. Patients also benefit from the implementation of EHRs. If you are thinking about converting to an EHR, the cost may deter you. However, it is important to understand the numerous benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of EHRs and how My Retired Doctor can help you capitalize on them!

Improved Patient Care

One of the biggest benefits of an EHR system is improved patient care. In fact, approximately 75% of physicians surveyed noted that an EHR allowed them to provide better patient care. This is because providers have access to all the health information they need and this easy access to complete and accurate data allows physicians to make informed decisions. It also reduces the risk of medical errors, which decreases the occurrence of medical malpractice.

Enhanced Patient Participation

Patients are very tech-savvy and with an EHR, this allows them to participate in their care more. They are able to login to the system and see their diagnoses, treatment plans, and other medical information. They can also easily schedule appointments and communicate with clinical teams via online chats instead of having to wait on hold to speak with someone. This results in better participation, which improves the outcome for both provider and patient.

Better Coordination of Care

Care coordination is essential, but not always easy. Thankfully, implementing an EHR at your facility can improve coordination of care. These systems can facilitate the instant distribution of essential medical records and information across care teams. This is a massive benefit to any patients that are seeing multiple specialists, transitioning from one care setting to another, or receiving emergency treatment.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Another benefit of implementing an EHR at your facility is increased practice efficiency and reduced costs. Getting rid of the archaic paper charting system can make your practice function more efficiently. Also, many physicians struggle with increased reporting requirements, but an EHR makes it much simpler, with faster transmission of data and increased accuracy. This leads to increased reimbursements, which far outweigh the cost of implementing an EHR system.

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As you can see, there are many benefits associated with electronic health records. If you are interested in digitizing your patient medical records to create an EHR, My Retired Doctor is here to help. Since 1993, we have been scanning and converting paper records into digital formats. We would be happy to help your practice do the same. From small batches of records to thousands, there is no project too big or too small for our team to handle. Contact us today at 877-328-2343 or info@datafied.com to discuss your project!

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