Document Management for Retiring Physicians 101: Setting Yourself Up for Retirement

Document Management for Retiring Physicians 101: Setting Yourself Up for Retirement

It’s back to school time and that doesn’t just have to apply to kids. My Retired Doctor is here to bring you a refresher course in document management. Here’s Document Management for Retiring Physicians 101: Setting Yourself Up for Retirement for your reading pleasure!

Can I simply shred all my records and documents when it comes time to retire?

No! When it comes time to retire you cannot simply shred all of the records in your office and call it a day. There are actually regulations and requirements in place dictating how long you need to keep patient records and provide them access. While you can shred certain records, it’s important to keep all patient, insurance, employee, and billing records for the proper period of time before disposing of them. When that time does come, My Retired Doctor can provide secure document shredding services.

Where can I store records after my practice is closed and I retire?

Now that you know these records need to be maintained, where do you keep them? Some boxes in your basement might sound like an easy, cheap option, but this is not secure. These records could easily be destroyed in a fire or flood, or fall into the wrong hands if your home is burglarized. That’s why My Retired Doctor offers a secure storage facility to house records in. If this doesn’t seem right for you, you can also have a digital database of the records compiled by My Retired Doctor.

What are the benefits of going digital?

There are many benefits to taking your medical records digital. Aside from the obvious environmental implications, it also makes it easier for patients to access records. Plus, if you are planning to sell your practice, you can make it appear much more attractive to a potential buyer. If you are interested in going digital, My Retired Doctor offers scanning services to turn your files into a sleek digital database.

How do patients get access to their records after I’ve retired?

After you retire, it’s important that patients still have access to their medical records. In retirement the last thing you want to be doing is faxing out copies of medical records, so let My Retired Doctor help. As your Release of Information Provider, we will ensure that your past patients have the access to their records that they need.

Do you need the help of My Retired Doctor?

If you are planning on retiring and closing your medical practice soon, it’s important to get ahead of the document management game soon. That means contacting My Retired Doctor today to learn more about the quality document management services that we offer. Whether you are simply looking for a secure place to store records, a partner to take your records digital or even just a Release of Information provider, My Retired Doctor can help. Contact us today t 877-328-2343 to get started! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff look forward to helping you through the retirement process one step at a time.