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Document Security for Medical Records is Essential

Document Security for Medical Records is Essential

Committing HIPAA violations regarding medical record storage can have devastating effects. Thankfully, with the right help, it is easy to ensure that you are compliant. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of document security for medical records and how My Retired Doctor can help keep your records safe!

Medical Records Contain Sensitive Information

You know that medical records contain extremely sensitive information. You have everything from peoples’ personal information, like their date of birth to their address in those files. In addition, there is also sensitive medical information from diagnoses and treatment plans to physicians’ notes. If this information gets into the wrong hands, it can be very bad.

HIPPA Compliance Requires Secure Storage of Medical Records

Because medical records are so sensitive, HIPAA specifies how they must be stored. In addition to medical records, personal health information (PHI) need to be securely stored where there is controlled access. Any records stored in hallways that are accessible by unauthorized personnel should be kept in locked filing cabinets and there should be no open shelves in a patient area or hallway. These records should be stored out of sight and should be in a locked cabinet, room, or building when they are not being used. In addition, someone should be assigned to manage document access issues and there should be proper documentation identifying individuals who have the authority to enter an area.

My Retired Doctor Offers Secure Record Storage

At My Retired Doctor, we know how important it is to keep records securely stored. If you are looking for medical record storage that meets HIPAA compliance, we are the company to turn to. With 28 years of success, you can count on us to get the job done.

Contact My Retired Doctor for secure storage of medical records!

When it comes time to retire, you still need to securely store patient medical records. Storing old medical records takes up lots of valuable space and leaves your practice at greater risk of violations and security breaches. You can eliminate these issues by trusting the experts at My Retired Doctor with your record storage. We have a secure storage facility that you can rely on for keeping patient records safe even after you retire. Contact us today at 877-328-2343 or info@datafied.com to discuss your needs!

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