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Go Digital To Save The Environment

Go Digital To Save The Environment

Does global warming worry you? Are you someone who doesn’t use straws? If you’re one who loves to recycle and always looking for ways to go green, then consider going digital to help protect the environment. Nowadays, there are more and more emphasis on different ways to save the planet. Even though many people may resist these changes, there are just as many who are embracing the challenge to clean up the environment. One way to reduce waste is to go digital. Let’s look at some of the benefits and how you can do this at the office.

Benefits of Going Digital

Choosing the digital route to maintain your records have many benefits associated with going green. This is especially true in the medical industry where there are tons of paperwork and exchange of information. For example, traditional medical records in the form of paper, takes up a lot of space and paper resources to produce. Only one person can access traditional medical records at a time to read, review, and edit. By converting paper medical records into a digital database will enable multiple users to access the records. The digital format also makes it easier for patients to request copies of their medical records. Additionally, a digital format can reduce utilization of resources like ink, paper, and printer costs.

How To Convert My Paper Records to A Digital Format

Now that you’re convinced that going digital is the right way to proceed, how do you convert your paper records? Typically, paper files can be scanned and converted to a digital database. But you will need a high-resolution imaging software and a way to appropriately dispose of all the paper files. Performing all these tasks by yourself will take a significant amount of time.

Fortunately, there is My Retired Doctor to help. You simply send us a batch of your medical records, or all of them if you would like. We will work to convert the records for you. We utilize a high-resolution imaging software that ensures all the records scanned are clear and readable. Every single record is inspected for clarity to ensure there were no issues in the conversion process. The entire process is simple and easy from the start!

Contact My Retired Doctor Today!

When you are ready to start the conversion process, reach out to use today at 877-328-2343. Our team at My Retired Doctor is knowledgeable and will work with you to determine the best way to proceed with converting your medical records. Rest assured that all your records will be converted to a sleek and efficient digital database to meet your needs and save the environment.