How Will You Manage Your Documents after You Retire and Close Your Medical Office?

How Will You Manage Your Documents after You Retire and Close Your Medical Office?

Are you planning to retire and close your medical practice soon? If so, you need to start thinking about your document management. What will you do with your patient medical records? How will they retain access? Are your plans in adherence to local regulation and laws regarding record retention? These are all questions to consider. Thankfully, My Retired Doctor can help. When it comes to document management for retiring physicians, you have a few options:

  1. Storage
  2. The first option is to store all of the medical records that you are required to keep by law for a specific period of time. Okay, but where do you put them? Is your basement or attic really a safe enough place to store patient medical records that contain sensitive medical information? Probably not. A storage unit likely won’t have the necessary security standards either. My Retired Doctor does, though. We have a state of the art storage facility where your records will remain safe and secure while we store them.

  3. Scanning
  4. An alternative to storing paper records is to scan them into an electronic system. This enables easy access to files and brings your records into the digital age. At My Retired Doctor, we offer scanning services that are unparalleled. Your records will be scanned using our state of the art, high-resolution software. Then, every record will be reviewed for clarity and only after readability is confirmed will the records be uploaded into the digital database.

  5. Shredding
  6. If you choose to go the route of scanning, you will no longer need to retain paper records. Instead of shredding page by page in your small office shredded, let My Retired Doctor. We offer large scale document shredding that is compliant with HIPAA regulations. We work in a safe, efficient manner and you can be assured that the documents will be disposed of properly.

  7. Patient Access to Files
  8. Okay, now that you’ve decided how to store your files, whether it be in paper form or digitally, how will your patients get access to these files after you’ve retired? You don’t want to be tasked with that nuisance, which is why My Retired Doctor provides Release of Information provider services to retiring physicians. Rest assured that your patient will have the access they need even after you’ve left.

Are you ready to retire and close your medical practice with the help of My Retired Doctor?

If you are contemplating retirement, it’s never too early to call My Retired Doctor. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to walk you through the process and discuss your different options and fees to find the route that meets your needs best. Whether you want to store or scan and shred, My Retired Doctor can help. Our Release of Information services also allows you to relax and rest assured that your patients will still have access to the medical records they need to obtain the best care even after you’ve retired. To learn more or get started, visit us on the web at My Retired Doctor or call 877-328-2343.