Let My Retired Doctor Take Your Practice into the Digital Era

Let My Retired Doctor Take Your Practice into the Digital Era

You’ve likely heard a lot about Electronic Medical Record systems. If you’re still using paper records, chances are that you see the cost and go scrambling for the hills. You’re about to retire, so why would you shell out the money to go digital? How can you possibly justify the costs? Well, here are four reasons that make it a no-brainer for soon to be retiring physicians to go digital with their medical records:

  1. Better Level of Patient Care
  2. You want to provide the best care possible to your patients. Well, going digital with your medical record system is actually one way to do this. With easier access and improved collaboration, you can provide even better care to your beloved patients.

  3. Less Environmental Impact
  4. A digital record system also means less waste and a smaller environmental footprint. Think of the paper files that can be securely recycled and the reduced need for paper in your medical office. This significant decrease in paper, ink, folders, and other office supplies will have a positive impact and be able to market your practice as “green” to potential buyers.

  5. Easier Access to Medical Records
  6. Another benefit to going digital with your record system is that your patients will have easier access to their medical records after you’re gone.  A digital system streamlines the process and makes it quicker and easier. If you want to provide top-notch patient care even after you’re retired, go digital now.

  7. Make Your Practice More Attractive to Physicians Looking to Purchase a Practice
  8. The final benefit of going digital is that you might attract physicians looking to purchase a practice. Some doctors coming out of medical school or looking to branch out into their own practice might be interested in purchasing your practice, but not if your office and records are antiquated. By digitizing your medical records, you can make your practice seem more appealing to a younger demographic and in turn, get a higher price when it comes time to retire and leave the practice.

My Retired Doctor Offers State of the Art Scanning Services to Retiring Physicians

At My Retired Doctor, we know the importance of elevating your medical practice. Even if you are retiring, you want to leave behind a good legacy and set yourself up for the future as best you can. With our scanning services, you can go digital and do just that. With our proprietary high-resolution scanning software, you can go digital all at once or send over files in batches. No matter how you choose to progress, rest assured that we are 100% HIPAA compliant and our staff is trained in current guidelines and regulations. If you are ready to learn more about going digital or get the process started, contact us today at 877-328-2343 or info@datafied.com.