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Let Us Manage your Medical Information

Let Us Manage your Medical Information

As you get ready to close your medical office, there is an abundance of medical information that you have to take care of. Most medical type of documents has sensitive information on them and cannot simply be disposed of in the trashcan. Some documents have to kept for so many years even after the practice closes. Let My Retired Doctor handle your medical documents for you!

Here is what we can do to help manage your information:

1. Review your medical information and determine which is worth keeping.

There would be a tremendous amount of medical documents that will need to be reviewed. We are experts in reviewing and determining types of medical information. Depending on the type of information, the document will need to be saved or disposed of. If it is determined that the information has to be saved, we are trained in knowing how long it should be kept for.

2. Scan your documents to create an electronic version.

Once a document is determined to be saved, our staff can scan the information and convert it to an electronic version. Having it available electronically can make storing and retrieval of the medical data easier. If patients or other providers request their medical records, we can quickly access it for them.

3. Shred and appropriately dispose of your medical information.

For medical information that do not need to be saved anymore, My Retired Doctor is skilled in appropriate disposal. We are HIPAA trained and compliant. We ensure that patient sensitive information is kept private even in our discarding procedures.

4. Experience with overall management of your medical documents.

We have many years of experience with managing your medical documents. We have efficiently streamlined the process from reviewing, scanning, and storage of medical information to retrieval of that material. Once you retire, you can rest assure that your medical documents will be well taken care of.

My Retired Doctor is ready to offer our services for you! As a retiring physician who is getting ready to close your medical practice, there are many things you have to worry about. But managing your medical documents should not be one of them. It’s our specialty to worry about all your medical information documents. We are experts in the field and can easily streamline the process for you. Contact us today at 877-328-2343 to learn more about how our experts can get started helping you!