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Medical Record Storage in San Bernardino CA

Medical Record Storage in San Bernardino CA

Rely on My Retired Doctor for HIPAA compliant medical record storage in San Bernardino CA

Before you can retire, you have to have a plan for your patients’ medical records.

The usual solution is to entrust the records to another doctor or medical facility that will act as your custodian and provide medical record storage in San Bernardino CA. However, this does not always guarantee good access for your patients. Records could be lost or damaged when stored in a hospital basement, or the custodian might often be too busy to attend to patients’ Release of Information requests promptly.

Fortunately, you have a better option:

Let My Retired Doctor Handle Your Medical Record Storage in San Bernardino CA

Because medical records storage and retrieval is the sole focus of our business, we can deliver better quality storage and improved patient access compared to your average doctor or hospital acting as a custodian. You can rest assured we will keep your records organized, accessible, and in good physical condition.

We Provide Paper and Electronic Storage Options

My Retired Doctor has all the resources needed to put together a plan for medical record storage in San Bernardino CA that is tailored to the needs of your practice:

  • Paper storage: We have multiple security measures in place at our medical records storage facility to ensure that no unauthorized parties ever gain access to your patients’ paper records.
  • Electronic storage: With ample server space and state of the art digital security technology in place, we can provide top quality storage for your electronic medical records and other files from your practice.
  • Record scanning: We can produce high-quality digital copies of your patients’ medical records using high-resolution scanning and the latest text recognition software. If you suspect that patient record requests will be few and far between, you can save money by having us store your paper records and only scan them upon patient request. Or, you can opt to digitize everything immediately in a fast conversion process.
  • Document shredding: As you close up your practice, you may find many records that don’t actually need to be stored, but can be discarded. We provide professional document shredding to ensure no private patient information is recoverable from the discarded documents.

No matter how you decide to set up your medical record storage in San Bernardino CA, you can rest assured your patients’ private medical information will be handled carefully and confidentially, in compliance with all relevant HIPAA regulations.

Start Planning for Retirement Now

If you’re worrying about medical record storage in San Bernardino CA, you won’t be enjoying retirement. Why risk it? Choose us as your worry-free solution. If you are ready to learn more about our services, please call us at 877-328-2343 or fill out an online contact form.