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Retire With Peace of Mind.
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  • Record Storage
  • Release of Information
  • Scanning & Record Conversion
  • Document Shredding

We Manage The Storage And Release Of Your Patients’ Medical Records

About My Retired Doctor

My Retired Doctor is a specialized division of Datafied that focuses on helping doctors with their transition to retirement. For over 25 years, Datafied has been a leading record retrieval and data management company. During this time, we have worked with more than 500,000 doctors and have created strong working relationships with many of them. While working closely with these doctors, we recognized that there was an opportunity to expand upon our services to cater more towards the doctors themselves.

One area that seemed to be consistently problematic for doctors was the process of retiring and closing up their practices. When physicians are preparing to retire, there are many regulations that must be met and steps that must be taken in order for the process to be completed properly. With that in mind, MRD decided to help doctors by coming up with solutions that aid them with this time-consuming and tedious process.

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I’ve had my records stored with MRD for over 5 years and have had zero issues. I highly recommend them!

Dr. James Honda, MD


MRD has handled all of our release of information
requests since the doctor’s retirement. They have exceeded all of our expectations.

Candice H., Office Manager


Following the unfortunate passing of my father, My Retired Doctor promptly and professionally handled all of his medical records, which made life easier for my sister and me.

Matt Smith


Key Steps in Closing Your Medical Practice

Planning to retire and close your medical practice? Here are the key steps to follow when closing your medical practice. Decide if you are going to sell your practice or close it down The first decision you need to make when retiring is deciding whether or not you are going to sell your practice or close it down. If you are planning on selling the practice, it’s a good idea to bring the potential buyer onto the scene at least three to six months before you leave. If you are closing your...

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