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Are you a physician looking to retire? Are you now starting to worry about how you will be able to handle all of your document needs after you retire? Partner with us and let us worry for you! You should start looking for ways to enjoy your retirement. Spend your time planning your travels, family visits, and leisure time and retire with peace of mind.

What is My Retired Doctor.com?

My Retired Doctor is an online document management business for retiring physicians. We are a fully licensed and insured company with every aspect of medical record and data management. We make it our goal to understand and alleviate worries for doctors who are retiring to ensure that the transition to retirement is smooth and painless for all parties involved. Know that with our partnership, you can retire knowing that all your patient records have been securely and accurately transferred, and they will continue to receive the same quality care you have gave to your patients.

Services Provided by My Retired Doctor.com

Our services is grounded in helping retiring doctors take care of their legal obligations by assisting with record retrieval, storage, conversion, disposal, management, and release. We make sure that you meet all legal obligations and your former practice and patients are well taken care of after you retire. Our main services include:

  • Record Storage: We ensure that we adequately store your old medical records when you retire. We are able to solve this critical issue by offering to retrieve and securely store all of your old records. We can store the original paper patient medial records or in the electronic medical record at our own secure storage facility. We also have the capability to store older electronic records, receipts, and files from your computers to make sure that future operations run smoothly. We understand the sensitivity of your medical data and we use the latest HIPAA compliant security technologies to store your medical records.
  • Scanning and Record Conversion: We are also able to help transform your old paper records into a digital database. It is known that digital records are much easier to manage, store, and accessible. Our state of the art technologies in our scanning and record conversion capabilities enable us to transform your records into a digital state.
  • Document Shredding: While some documents are securely stored, other types of documents will need to be shredded. We offer a HIPAA compliant shredding service that enables retiring doctors to properly dispose of their old records. Disposing of old records require correct steps in order to avoid releasing private patient information.
  • Release of Information: We also offer patients a way to access their records after you retire. We become the doctor’s release of information custodian. By allowing our team to store, manage, and release your old patient records and information, you can rest assured that your former patients will always have access to their records and medical data.
  • Order Records: We also offer your former patients an easy and fast way to order their medical records online. Once you rely on us to store, manage, and release your old medical records we can easily allow your patients to order their medical records.

Give us a call at 877-328-2343 today to get started! Don’t let your retirement planning be stressful. We can help handle all of your medical document needs. Partner with My Retired Doctor now!