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Release of Information Provider for Retiring Physicians

Release of Information Provider for Retiring Physicians

Retirement is an exciting goal on a long journey, but just because you retire and close your medical practice, doesn’t mean that all of the work is done.

Do I need to keep my patient’s medical records after I retire?

Yes! Just because you are retiring, doesn’t mean that you can throw away or shred your patient’s medical records. In fact, some states have strict requirements for how long medical records need to be securely held. If you need somewhere to store medical records, My Retired Doctor offers a secure, safe storage facility.

How do my patients get access to their medical records after I retire?

Just because you retired, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore patient requests for medical records. In fact, HIPAA stipulates that patients must be granted access to their medical records. Either you can provide access to their records every time they are requested or you can hire someone to do it for you!

Who can help my patients get access to their medical records after I retire?

It’s understandable that you want to make sure your patients still have access to their medical records even after you retire. If you need some help, contact My Retired Doctor. We provide Release of Information Provider services for retiring physicians. We have served as an ROI custodian for over 28 years and would be happy to help you and your former patients out!

How do I re-direct patient requests for medical records after I retire?

When you retire, it’s important that your patients know who will be the custodian of their records. If you choose My Retired Doctor as your Release of Information custodian, we can send out a notification informing your patients who we are and how they can obtain copies of their medical records.

My Retired Doctor Has 28 Years of Experience as a Release of Information Provider!

If you need help managing patient medical records after you’re retired and closed your medical practice, My Retired Doctor can help! Since 1993, we’ve been helping physicians retire and close their medical practices with ease. If you need a Release of Information Provider, we can not only do that, but we can even notify your patients that we will be the new custodian of their records. Instead of worrying about patient medical records, you can relax and enjoy retirement! To learn more or request a quote for our services, give us a call today at 877-328-2343.

To learn more about the document retrieval and management services that we offer retiring physicians throughout the country, visit us on the web at My Retired Doctor!