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Scanning and Record Conversion Service

Scanning and Record Conversion Service

If you’re a physician and getting ready to retire, then there’s a lot on your mind. You are probably thinking about where to retire, what to do with your time once you retire, and you need to do before you retire. If you’re a physician and own your own practice, then something you’re probably worried about is what to do with all of your medical documents and information. You have thought about storing the medical records and data in your basement or renting out a storage facility. However, both these ideas are not ideal. But, do not despair! Working with My Retired Doctor is a great solution! We have multiple services that will enable your preparation for retirement run smoothly. We offer record storage, document shredding, release of information, and scanning and record conversion. Let’s take a closer look at our scanning and record conversion service.

Scanning and Record Conversion

Many doctor’s offices and practices still utilize old paper charts. This makes it harder to manage, access, and keep track. There is a better way to manage your medical records and documents. My Retired Doctor offers a way to digitalize your old patient paper charts and other medical information. We can help you transform your old paper records into a digital database with using the latest technologies. Digital records are much easier to store, more user friendly for patients and doctors, and provide greater accessibility. To optimize the digital transformation and make it as simple as possible, we can customize our scanning and record conversion services to meet your needs and budget.

Types of Scannable Medical Documents

There are a variety of types of medical documents and information that can be scanned to create a digital database.

  • Complete medical transcripts can be scanned into your digital database. Medical transcripts are text format of healthcare professionals voice reports.
  • Birth records are medical information involving a patient’s birth, which can be scanned into the digital database.
  • Immunization records are a list of immunizations the patient has received in the past and are scanned as well.
  • Lab results are medical data and monitoring parameters for patients and can be scanned.
  • Prescriptions and medication lists can also be digitalized.
  • Billing information is the information on how patients’ medical care is billed. This information is something that can also be scanned.
  • Insurance records is information on the patients’ insurance coverage.
  • X-rays, MIRs and other diagnostic and imaging results are procedures that can also be scanned into the digital database.
  • Physician notes and correspondence with the patient or other healthcare providers are all medical information that can be included into the database.

My Retired Doctor can help!

Don’t wait to get started today with digitalizing your medical database. Give us a call at 877-328-2343. Stop worrying and start enjoying your retirement planning!