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Spring Cleaning? Start With Your Filing Cabinets!

Spring Cleaning? Start With Your Filing Cabinets!

It’s spring and that means it is time to get some spring cleaning done! If you are planning to retire and close your medical practice in the near future, now is as good a time as any to get a head start on cleaning out your filing cabinets. We all know that your filing cabinets are probably brimming with medical records and other documents. The good news is that My Retired Doctor is here to help with the process. Keep reading to learn more about getting your medical records organized and how My Retired Doctor can help!

  1. Read up on state and federal requirements for record retention
  2. The first, and most important step, when it comes to spring cleaning your filing cabinets is to read up on the state and federal requirements for medical and billing record retention. There are certain retention requirements that you should ensure you adhere to in order to avoid getting a fine or citation. Once you’ve read up on these requirements, then you can begin organizing your records.

  3. Securely shred records you are not required to keep
  4. The next step is to start shredding medical records that you are not required to keep. If you do not need these records, it’s a good idea to ensure that they are securely shredded in order to keep sensitive patient information safe.

  5. Consider off-site storage of medical records
  6. If there are records you need to keep—or if you decide you want to keep them all—but your filing cabinets are too full, you can also consider off shite storage for your medical records. We have a secure storage facility that will keep your records safe!

Let My Retired Doctor help you reclaim your filing cabinets with secure shredding and storage of medical records!

Spring has sprung and that means it is time to do some spring cleaning. There are probably a lot of different tasks you can do to clean your medical practice, ranging from getting desks organized to giving the whole place a deep clean. You can also tackle the mess in your medical record storage room. If your storage room is overflowing with medical records, it might be time to consider going digital or securely shredding those records. Thankfully, My Retired Doctor can help with that. We offer secure storage options and state of the art scanning services so you can finally get your patient records organized and reclaim your storage room. Contact us today to obtain a quote!

To learn more about the reliable and quality document management services that we offer, visit us on the web at My Retired Doctor.