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Steps to Take When Your Doctor is Retiring

Steps to Take When Your Doctor is RetiringFor many patients, a beloved family physician’s retirement can be a heart-wrenching experience. This is especially true when the doctor retiring has been responsible for providing long-term care to their patients, as over time a deep, meaningful bond and level of trust has usually been formed. While the ordeal may be difficult to deal with, the fact remains that a doctor’s retirement results in handing over medical care to another healthcare provider. By taking a proactive approach and following the right steps, changing from one doctor to another can be a simple, stress-free affair for most people. It is very important to take the right steps when your doctor retires in order to maintain the high quality of medical care that you have received, as well as to ensure that any concerns you may have can be addressed by your physician before he or she retires.

Find a Quality Replacement

Finding a replacement for a trusted medical professional can be a scary, nerve-wracking challenge. Many people develop deep bonds and a significant level of trust with their physician and their staffs, and this level of trust can usually only be built over an extended period of time and experience. However, finding a suitable replacement can be done if you take the correct approach.

There are many ways in which you can go about finding a new doctor. The following are just a few common sense methods which can make the search for a new doctor a much smoother process.

  • Secure a referral from your current doctor. Your physician should happily provide this for you and it will help you gain access to new physicians more easily.
  • Ask your retiring doctor, friends, and relatives for their recommendations. People typically only use doctors that they trust so chances are somebody you know will have a good doctor to recommend to you.
  • Conduct research via the internet using a doctor referral service. Investigate multiple different practices to determine the doctor and facility that best meets your needs.
  • Consult your insurance provider for a list of healthcare professionals in your area.

Secure Your Medical Records

Another important aspect of finding a new doctor is ensuring that you have access to a full copy of your medical records. This can be especially important when dealing with a retiring doctor, as access to these records may become extremely limited.

Fortunately, there are many services dedicated to transmitting patients the most up-to-date medical records available. These services will guarantee that you get all of the records you need in a timely and secure manner. It is always important to be aware of the information that your medical records contain, but it is particularly relevant when your long time healthcare provider is retiring.

Preparing for the First Appointment With Your New Doctor

When visiting a new doctor for the first time, there are many things that you can do as a patient to ensure a smooth transition. As mentioned above, bringing along a copy of your most current medical records is extremely important and useful on your first visit. These records should include a listing of all current and past medications, as well as your detailed patient history. It is also a good idea to come prepared with questions for your new doctor. By addressing your concerns early on, you can begin to build the confidence that is crucial to creating a trustworthy relationship with your medical provider.

Preparation Is The Key to Building a Successful Patient-Doctor Relationship

By utilizing My Retired Doctor, you can gain access to the resources necessary to make your transition to a new doctor a successful one. A smooth transition is crucial for both receiving quality healthcare, as well as fostering confidence and trust with the new doctor’s skills and the abilities of their medical staffs. If your doctor is retiring in the near future, don’t wait another minute to order your medical records – let My Retired Doctor help you gain access today.