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The benefits of on demand medical record retrieval


The benefits of on demand medical record retrieval

Traditionally patient medical records are hand written and filed away. The advances in computer technologies can make this process efficient, but many medical practices still use paper to document patient medical information. This method of patient information documentation remains a very efficient process, but the accumulated patient information can be overwhelming when your practice grows. Eventually, the small office space used to store such files will require much larger office space. This can result in additional need to build office space to house and secure medical records or store the files offsite. The added office space can disrupt your practice or add more expenses to your practice. In the worst-case scenario, a patient’s files can easily be misplaced or loss and tracking patient files can be laborious if not managed well. The major drawback to housing such large volumes of patient medical information in physical formats can be a daunting task when retrieving documents.


Patient medical information made simplify by implementing an medical retrieval portal

Rather than amassing such records and employing a staff to manage and retrieve the requested documents, a patient’s medical records can be digitized, stored, and managed using a database. This method used for retrieving medical records is extremely efficient. In an increasing digital world that enjoys or expect to instantaneously access information, this can be very frustrating having to wait days to get the information. Being able to access your patient files efficiently can increase the turnaround time for insurance reimbursements since all the relevant information can be access at one point. A simplify and streamline point of access brings records requests into the clinic from a single location. For payers and providers alike, utilizing a portal for the on-demand retrieval of records makes sense. This gives both parties the ability to exchange information intuitively which can improve turnaround times for providers to get back to caring for patients.

Among large hospitals and midsize private medical clinics, the adoption of electronic health records (EHR) is increasing being adopted. As EHR systems replace paper records, retrieving medical records continues to be faster and more efficient. However, not all hospitals or clinics use the same systems which can make exchanging information challenging.

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