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What Happens If I Do Not Respond to a Former Patient’s Request for Medical Records?

What Happens If I Do Not Respond to a Former Patient’s Request for Medical Records?

If you are a retired physician who closed their medical practice, that doesn’t mean you are no longer responsible for filling requests for patient medical records. In fact, there are still strict deadlines to respond to requests for medical records that you need to adhere to.

Is there a set time limit that I have to respond to a request for medical records?

When a patient submits a formal request for medical records in writing, you have 15 days to comply with that request. The timeline starts the day that you receive their request for medical records in writing.

What happens if I do not respond in a timely manner?

If you fail to respond in a timely manner to a request for medical records, action can be taken against you. If the patient or former patient files a complaint with the medical board, you may be contacted by the medical board to see what the hold up is. If you still fail to provide the medical records, you can be issued a citation or even have action taken against your medical license.

What if I cannot find the former patient’s medical records?

If you cannot locate medical records, this is a serious issue. At the very least, you have violated a patient’s right to the medical records. At the worst, the records with sensitive information on them are somewhere unsecure. Regardless, you need to perform a careful investigation and report the loss to various agencies, such as HHS.

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