Why Do I Need An Outside Document Management Provider To Help Me Close My Medical Practice?

Why Do I Need An Outside Document Management Provider To Help Me Close My Medical Practice?

Closing your medical practice and retiring is extremely exciting, but it does not come without a bit of frustration and some hassle. Take document management for example…what are you expected to do with all of those old medical records? You can’t simply throw them out. In fact, there are strict guidelines when it comes to handling medical information.

Why does document management in my medical practice matter?

You might not realize how crucial document management is for retiring physicians, but it is actually essential that you take care with how medical records and files are handled. Medical records contain sensitive information and thus they cannot just be thrown out like regular garbage. In fact, some medical information and files need to be kept for specified amounts of time with patient’s ensured access to them.

What if I’m struggling with my document management?

If you are planning to close your medical practice and retire, it’s not surprising that you might struggle with document management. You might literally have hundreds of thousands of pages that need to be reviewed and either securely shredded or stored. That’s no small feat and if you find yourself in need of help, My Retired Doctor offers help with document management for retiring physicians.

What document management tasks can My Retired Doctor help with?

As a division of Datafied, My Retired Doctor offers a variety of services for retiring physicians closing their medical practice. We offer shredding, scanning, and storage services to retiring physicians. That means if you need to dispose of old records, we can securely shred them. For records that need to be retained, we offer a secure and dry storage facility. If you’re looking to modernize your old paper records, My Retired Doctor can also help by scanning and converting them into a sleek digital database.

What if my patients need access to their medical records?

If your patients need access to their medical records after you’ve closed up shop and retired—and by law they are guaranteed access to those records– My Retired Doctor can help. We provide Release of Information services to ensure that your patients have access to their records without having to bother you.

Do you need My Retired Doctor’s help with document management?

My Retired Doctor is a division of Datafied that has been providing document management services for retiring physicians since 1993. If you are looking for assistance with your documents when it comes time to close your practice and retire, trust the experts at My Retired Doctor to get the job done right. Whether you need storage, shredding, scanning, or Release of Information provider services, My Retired Doctor can help. Our team of qualified document management professionals know the ins and outs of HIPAA, so you can also rest assured that all records will be handled appropriately. If you are ready to slip into the world of retirement and need to close your medical practice, contact My Retired Doctor today at 877-328-2343 for all of your document management needs!