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Medical Record Request in Anaheim CA

Medical Record Request in Anaheim CA

We make it easy for your patients to place a medical record request in Anaheim CA after you retire.

As you prepare for retirement, there are of course many tasks to attend to. One task that you absolutely cannot take lightly for your patients’ sake is choosing a medical records custodian. If you trust your patients’ records to another doctor or a medical facility that has many other tasks to attend to, your records could get neglected and it may be quite difficult for patients to make a medical record request in Anaheim CA.


…When you choose My Retired Doctor as your medical records custodian, you don’t have to worry about records retrieval delays standing between your patients and the care they need.

We Make Medical Record Request in Anaheim CA Easy

At My Retired Doctor, medical records storage and retrieval is the core of our business, and we are fully equipped to provide a fast and reliable response to any medical record request in Anaheim CA. We will keep your paper or electronic files in a secure and organized storage facility where they will be at our staff’s fingertips when your patients request them.

Here’s how it works:

Request: When one of your patients needs to make a medical record request in Anaheim CA, they visit our sister site, OrderMedicalRecords.com. Over 2 million records requests have been processed through our sister company since 1993 so you can rest assured your patients will have a good experience. We do also have a phone line for patients who prefer not to use the online form.

Verify: We maintain high standards when processing a medical records request in Anaheim CA to ensure that patient privacy is protected and HIPAA regulations are followed in every records release.

Scan: If the paper records from your practice have not yet been converted to digital format, we will scan the requested record at this time. We use top of the line technology including high resolution imaging and text recognition software to produce clear and legible copies every time.

Deliver: Depending on the patient’s preference, we can release medical records to them or directly to any physician or medical facility they designate. Release can be accomplished by secure online download or mail.

Learn More About Partnering with My Retired Doctor

If you would like to learn more about partnering with My Retired Doctor for the records management tasks you will need to prepare for retirement, please call us at 877-328-2343.