Anaheim CA

With attractions like Disneyland and Angel Stadium front and center in Anaheim CA, it can seem like this city is all play and no work. Of course, this is not the case as many people have to work very hard to keep “the happiest place on Earth,” aka Disneyland, running. As a physician, you’ve worked very hard to keep your patients’ minds and bodies running in a healthy manner. Now, as you approach retirement, it’s time to let someone else do some of the hard work for you. My Retired Doctor can help by serving as your official medical records custodian in Anaheim CA. We provide all the services you need to transition to retirement, including secure storage for paper and electronic records, reliable Release of Information services, high-quality document scanning, and thorough document shredding. All of our services are HIPAA compliant and backed by decades of experience in the medical records release and storage business. Contact us today to start creating a plan for your retirement.