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Medical Record Retrieval in Anaheim CA

Medical Record Retrieval in Anaheim CA

My Retired Doctor is an expert in fast, private, HIPAA compliant medical record retrieval in Anaheim CA

During your medical career, medical record requests from patients, insurance companies, and medical facilities probably caused you and your staff a lot of headaches. Fielding the requests, securing the proper authorizations, finding the files, and releasing the records all took time that you would have preferred to spend on other things. You don’t have to continue this trend into retirement. Instead, you can get a records custodian to handle medical record retrieval in Anaheim CA and other tasks for you.

My Retired Doctor Can Help

My Retired Doctor specializes in providing all the records management tasks you need to retire with a clear conscience that your legal obligations are being met and your patients are being provided with easy access to their vital medical records. With our sister company OrderMedicalRecords.com, we have helped hundreds of thousands of doctors with medical records retrieval and we can help you too.

Benefits of Using OrderMedicalRecords.com

Through our collaboration with OrderMedicalRecords.com for medical record retrieval in Anaheim CA, we are able to offer your patients an exceptional experience that is:

  • Secure–patients submit their requests via a secure encrypted connection
  • Quick–most patients complete the online record request form in 3 minutes or less
  • Convenient–OrderMedicalRecords.com is available 24/7
  • Reliable–OrderMedicalRecords.com has a reliable process that has been used to successfully order millions of records
  • Private–both OrderMedicalRecords.com and My Retired Doctor are completely HIPAA compliant

Want to Make Medical Record Retrieval in Anaheim CA Even Faster for Your Patients?

Let Us Scan Your Paper Files Now

Obviously, in order to fulfil a request for medical record retrieval in Anaheim CA we need to copy any paper records. We use high-resolution document scanning equipment as well as the latest text recognition software to make digital copies of paper records. Each record is carefully reviewed by the quality control team to make sure it is legible.

If you do not expect many records requests after retirement, it would make sense to have documents scanned only on an as-needed basis. But, if there will be a large volume of requests, it would be more efficient to have them all scanned in advance. Your patients will thank you because we will be able to complete their requests for medical record retrieval in Anaheim CA faster using pre-scanned documents. And you’ll enjoy improved peace of mind knowing your patients’ important data is backed up digitally.

Contact My Retired Doctor Now to Learn More

If you would like to learn more about how My Retired Doctor can help ease the transition to retirement for you and your patients, please call us at 877-328-2343.