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Order Medical Records in Anaheim CA

Order Medical Records in Anaheim CA

My Retired Doctor makes it easy for patients to order medical records in Anaheim CA when you retire.

As a retiring doctor, the future care of your patients will be a significant concern. You want to see them happily settled with a new doctor who will care for them just as well as you did. Of course, their new doctors are going to need them to order medical records in Anaheim CA. The high volume of records requests that will come in as you near retirement can absolutely bury your staff in paperwork and make the transition drag.

So you may wonder…

…What can I do to help my patients?

The answer is simple:

Have Your Patients Order Medical Records in Anaheim CA Through My Retired Doctor

My Retired Doctor has over 20 years of experience as a Release of Information custodian. When your patients need to order medical records in Anaheim CA, we meet their needs with a process that is:

  • Convenient: Patients can order medical records in Whittier CA at any time via our secure and user-friendly online portal, which is operated by our sister site OrderMedicalRecords.com. We can also accommodate patients who prefer to place their requests over the phone.
  • HIPAA Compliant: We are intimately familiar with all HIPAA requirements regarding the storage and release of medical records. You can rest assured we will never violate your patients’ privacy by fulfilling requests from individuals that do not have the proper permissions.
  • Customizable: Depending on the type of Release of Information services you want, your patients may be able to order medical records in Whittier CA in paper or digitized format.

We Meet all Your Medical Records Management Needs

My Retired Doctor can take excellent care of all your patients’ old medical records. We have secure solutions for paper and electronic medical records storage as well as expert document scanning and document shredding services. To learn more about just how easy we can make your transition to retirement on you and your patients, call us at 877-328-2343.