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Medical Records in Phoenix AZ

Medical Records in Phoenix AZ

Wondering what to do with patients’ medical records in Phoenix AZ when you retire? We can help!

It may seem counterintuitive, but it can actually take a lot of work to retire when you’re a doctor. Of the many tasks required to close your practice, one of the most daunting can be figuring out what to do with your patients’ medical records in Phoenix AZ. But now that you’ve found My Retired Doctor, this task becomes easy.

Trust Us As Your Official Records Custodian

At My Retired Doctor, we have helped over 400,000 doctors with medical records storage, management, and release. You can rely on us to provide all the services you need as a retiring doctor, including:

Records Storage: Trusting your patients’ medical records in Phoenix AZ to us is much better than just sticking them in a corner of some basement somewhere. In our storage facility, the records will be both secure and easily accessible to your patients. We also store electronic medical records.

Scanning: We can digitize your old paper records using high-tech equipment and a rigorous quality control process to ensure clarity and readability. This can be done as soon as you transfer the records into our custody, or on a case by case basis as patients request their files.

Document Shredding: After converting paper records to digital copies, you have the option to shred the paper. You may also have some expired medical records in Phoenix AZ that need shredding. In any case we can provide the necessary services in a way that guarantees patient privacy.

Release of Information: Once your office closes, patients will of course need copies of their medical records in Phoenix AZ in order to ensure continuity of care. My Retired Doctor is a true expert in this service. We offer a variety of ROI service packages that can be tailored to your budget and needs.

Partner with Us and Never Worry about Medical Records in Phoenix AZ Again

When you partner with My Retired Doctor, you can enjoy your retirement without ever worrying about your patients’ access to their medical records. Call us at 877-328-2343 now to learn more about trusting your patients’ medical records in Phoenix AZ to us.