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We offer a service that allows retiring doctors to close their practices with the peace of mind knowing that their patients’ transitions to a new doctor or facility will be handled smoothly. Our services for managing patient medical records meet all federal and state regulations. Whether you are a doctor in the process of retiring, or a patient in need of a new physician, we’re here to take care of your needs professionally and efficiently.

As a fully licensed and insured company, our clients know that the services they receive will be handled in a professional, secure, and ethical manner.

I am a retiring doctor

We understand that retiring is a difficult decision, after many years of managing a practice and building relationships with patients. We make it possible for doctors to manage medical record storage and have them transferred through our convenient online ordering process. We help take away the headache and hassle of retiring by making the transition smooth and painless for everyone.

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I am a patient

Finding a new doctor can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Often it’s up to patients to order medical records to transfer to a different practice when they need to change doctors. We take the burden off patients’ shoulders by handling every stage of the medical record transition. While holding ourselves to the highest standards of patient privacy, we make sure that the new doctor has exact duplicates of patient records, so no crucial health information is left out.

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We offer our unique services to any retiring doctor in the nation. Whether you’re a single practice physician or a retiring doctor in a multi-practice setting, with our services you can retire knowing that your patients’ records have been securely and accurately transferred, and that they will continue to receive the same quality care that you spent your life building.

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